July 31 - August 5, 2012 − Zappanale #23

Tuesday, July 31     top     Wednesday

Wednesday, August 1     Tuesday     Ben Watson

Ben Watson's Captain Beefheart Poetry Matinée Contest     Wednesday     Ya Hozna

Ya Hozna     Ben Watson     Snow Cryst.

The Yellow Snow Crystals     Ya Hozna     S. Oliva

Sandro Oliva     Snow Cryst.     String Quart.

Thursday, August 2

The Yellow String Quartet     S. Oliva     Gargantua

Gargantua     String Quart.     Triggerfinger

Triggerfinger     Gargantua     Just A Band

Just Another Band     Triggerfinger     Duke/Ponty

George Duke & Jean-Luc Ponty
The Brothers of Invention
    Just A Band     Tarentatec

Aagot's postponed I WANT A GARDENconcert: Tarentatec     Duke/Ponty     Friday


Friday, August 3     Tarentatec     Haircut

The Australian Haircut Extravaganza     Friday     Humble Gr.

Humble Grumble     Haircut     Gary Lucas

Gary Lucas     Humble Gr.     Dead Dinos

Dead Dino Storage     Gary Lucas     Fast'n'Bulb.

Fast 'n' Bulbous & Gary Lucas     Dead Dinos     Mother Hips

The Mother Hips & Scott Thunes     Fast'n'Bulb.     Magma

Magma     Mother Hips     Jack Dupon

Saturday, August 4

Jack Dupon     Magma     MagNiFZnt

MagNiFZnt     Jack Dupon     JazzHunde

Jazzprojekt Hundehagen     MagNiFZnt     Doctor Dark

Doctor Dark     JazzHunde     Tarentatec

Tarentatec     Doctor Dark     J. Outlaw

Sunday, August 5: Heavy Guitar Day

Jerry Outlaw & Friends     Tarentatec     A. Cooper

Alice Cooper     J. Outlaw

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