August 18-22, 2011 − Zappanale #22
Our first Full-Time-Zappanale

Thursday, August 18

WarmUp Party: Soundschleuder     Top     T. Hansen

Friday, August 19

Terence Hansen     WarmUp     Storm break

Storm break     T. Hansen     E. Mohawk

Sandro Oliva & Essra Mohawk     Storm break     Snow Cryst.

The Yellow Snow Crystals     E. Mohawk     P/O

Project Object     Snow Cryst.     Doctor Nerve

Doctor Nerve     P/O     Truck Stage

Saturday, August 20

Doctor Nerve     Main Stage     FiDO

FiDO plays ZAPPA     Doctor Nerve     Hot Fur

Hot Fur     FiDO     Colosseum

Colosseum     Hot Fur     Lazuli

Lazuli     Colosseum     Exhibition

Sunday, August 21

Exhibition     Lazuli     Evil Dick

Evil Dick & The Banned Members     Exhibition     Plastic P.

The Plastic People of the Universe     Evil Dick     Soundschldr.

 : :

Soundschleuder     Plastic P.     Opperman

Chris Opperman & Project Object     Soundschldr.     Gary Lucas

Gary Lucas     Opperman     Eddie Jobson

Eddie Jobson / Goodbye Session     Gary Lucas     Final Jam

Final Jam     Eddie Jobson     Home

Monday, August 22     Final Jam

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