Chato's exam concert − Osnabrück, November 29, 2017

The CrossWalkers     Chato!

  Tomorrow Never Knows
  Eleanor Rigby
  She's Leaving Home
  Can't Buy Me Love
  Here Comes the Sun


Chato! − 1st set     CrossWalkers     SOAP

  A 3-Way on the Freeway
  Walking in the Streets at Midnight
  Inner Peace
  Tears of Adrenaline

SOAP − 'System of a Down' Tribute     Chato! 1     Chato! 2

  Prison Song


Chato! − 2nd set     SOAP

  Chicksy Dicks
  Let's Move to Cleveland
  Music Stereotypes Medley
  Lass dich gehen
  The Thinking Stone
  Icky Qualms
  The Story of Suzy Speedfreak  


 November 29, 2017: Chato's exam concert −  CWChato! 1SOAPChato! 2