October 29, 2016 − ZappaUnion V, Oslo
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Again I didn't make it to Oslo.
But here are some very nice video clips and photos
by my friends Rolf Solvang and Dag Alan Henriksen:

Banned from Utopia     top     Skandale

Easy Meat / Cosmik Debris (16:36) Pound For A Brown (7:42)
Carolina Hard-Core Ecstasy (6:34) Lisa's Life Story (5:28) Teen-age Prostitute (3:32)
Teen-age Prostitute (2:44) The Dangerous Kitchen (3:41) I Ain't Got No Heart (2:23)
Keep It Greasy (4:09) Andy / Whipping Post (16:04)

Skandale: Det Skandaløse Orkester     Banned

Skandale Instrumentale 2 (2016 edition)
Blotterne blomstrer i varmen (10:14)
Visan fraan Utanmyra (1:44) Hull i buksen (4:16)
The Big Medley (6:17)

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