July 16-20, 2014 − Zappanale #25
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Wednesday, July 16 in Hamburg     top     Church

Zappa plays for Bach     Wednesday     Thursday

Thursday, July 17     Church     Warm up

Warm Up party with The Wilmington School of Rock     On the Road     String Trash

The String Trash Project     Warm up     Gunnar's

At Gunnar's Bar     String Trash     Don & Bunk

Friday, July 18

The Don & Bunk Show     Gunnar's     Sch. of Rock

The Wilmington School of Rock     Don & Bunk     Ace 9
I am The Slime
King Kong

Ace 9     Sch. of Rock     Opening

Opening / Grandsheiks     Ace 9     Magic Band

The Magic Band     Opening     Embryo

My Human Gets Me Blues
Clear Spot
Abba Zaba When It Blows Its Stacks Pachuco Cadaver

Embryo     Magic Band     JazzHunde

Saturday, July 19

Carolina Hardcore Ecstasy

Jazzprojekt Hundehagen     Embryo     Present

Present     JazzHunde     Muffin Men

The Muffin Men & Denny Walley     Present     Spanner JP
Eat That Question
Fairies Wear Brown Shoes
City of Tiny Lights / Jones Crusher

Spanner Jazz Punks     Muffin Men     Crimson P


The Crimson ProjeCKt     Spanner JP     Tarentatec

Tarentatec − Aufrichtiges Zappa     Crimson P     LeBocal

Sunday, July 20

LeBocal     Tarentatec     Interviews

Interviews for rockradio.de     LeBocal     Stick Men

The Grandmothers of Invention (21:00)

Spanner Jazz Punks (10:41)

Eric Svalgard (4:58)

Stick Men     Interviews     Grannies

The Grandmothers of Invention     Stick Men     Goodbye


Who are the Brain Police?

The Big Medley
More Trouble Every Day

The Duke of Prunes

Goodbye Session     Grannies     Perret & EE


Guillaume Perret & The Electric Epic     Goodbye     Home

Home     Perret & EE

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