31. Juli - 6. August 2013 − Zappanale #24

Mittwoch, 31. Juli in Hamburg     top     Kirche

Dylan, Hendrix, Zappa spielen für Bach     Mittwoch     Warm up

Donnerstag, 1. August     Kirche     Anton

official video Cosmik Debris I'm The Slime

Freitag, 2. August

Anton & The Headcleaners     Warm up     Dasch2
Black Napkins
Ugly Bluz
4 Fab
Checkpoint Charlie

Dasch2     Anton     D. Kitchen

Dangerous Kitchen     Dasch2     Ali N. Askin
Zomby Woof

Ali N. Askin     D. Kitchen     Thing-Fish
by LudzNL

Sebkha-Chott Galoot Formula: Thing-Fish     Ali N. Askin     The Brains
You Are What You Is
He’s So Gay
Bwana Dik /
Theme from Lumpy Gravy /
Stick It Out

Fried Dähn & The Brains     Thing-Fish     Chillen

Samstag, 3. August     The Brains     Alli Bach

Alli Bach     Chillen     Kiki Band

 How Could I Be Such A Fool?

Oh No

The Tap Page

17 minutes uncut

The Tap Page 2009

Kazutoki Umezu Kiki Band     Alli Bach     Banned
Dressler #36
Make Make

Banned from Utopia     Kiki Band     Bad Doberan
Society Pages / Duprees Paradise
Whippin' Post
The Illinois Enema Bandit

Sonntag, 4. August     Banned     Chato

Chato Segerer     Bad Doberan     Pojama P.

Dancin' Fool
Suzy Speedfreak
The Deathless Horsie
Echidna's Arf (of You)
The Duke of Prunes
Suzy Speedfreak
Dancin' Fool
America Drinks and goes Home

Pojama People     Chato     Goodbye
The Pojama People
Zappanale Saga 2013
Re-gyptian Strut
Brown Shoes Don't Make It /
Peaches En Regalia
Black Napkins /
Brown Shoes Don't Make It /
Peaches En Regalia
Eat That Question
Bamboozled By Love
Magic Fingers / Five-Five-Five
I'm The Slime

Goodbye Session     Pojama P.     JazzHunde
Happy Together
Whippin' Post I
Whippin' Post II
Happy Together
Billy abusing the chicken
Whippin' Post (ending)

Jazzprojekt Hundehagen     Goodbye     Montag

Montag, 5. August     JazzHunde     Dienstag

Dienstag, 6. August in Hamburg     Montag

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