February 10/11, 2012 − Yellow Snow Festival in Larvik

The third (and up to now sadly the last) Yellow Snow Festival in Larvik was my very first Zappateers party. Of course Max and I went there together. It was the beginning of a lot of wonderful friendships. Here is a selection of our photos.
Friday, February 10     Chato

Chato     top     ZappaTime
special guests: Jan Barfod and Ike Willis

ZappaTime     Chato     Aftershow

Aftershow party at Jan's place     ZappaTime     Larvik

Saturday, February 11     Aftershow     DNBE

Det Norske Blåseensemble     Larvik     Bongo Fury

Bongo Fury     DNBE     Ben & Ike

Ben Watson & Ike Willis     Bongo Fury     Muffinz

The Muffin Men & Denny Walley     Ben & Ike     Tarentatec
special guests: Chato Segerer and Ike Willis

Tarentatec plays aufrichtiges Zappa     Muffinz     Home
special guest: Chato Segerer

Sunday, February 12 − Going Home     Tarentatec


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