Ukulele Overnite:
February 24, 2018 − Musikerinitiative Bremen

Eckhard Petri  −
Marc Prietzel  −
Kirsten Schmidt  −
Wolfgang Schmidt  −

Tenor and Soprano Saxophone,
Hose, Thumb Piano, Recorder
Ukulele, Vocals
Bass Ukulele

Dirty Love
Cosmik Debris
Heavy Duty Judy
Stairway to Heaven
More Trouble Every Day
America Drinks and Goes Home
Mr. Green Genes

Invitation to the Blues
Walking Spanish
The Torture Never Stops
What's the Ugliest Part of Your Body?
Black Napkins
Sofa #1
Sofa #2
Uncle Remus
I'm The Slime

Fumblin' With the Blues
 Ukulele Overnite @ MIB, February 24, 2018